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Refer a Friend

Refer Your Friends to Aussie Kennels - Get them a $75 Discount and $75 Cash for You!

We all love a great deal, and Aussie Dog Kennels is offering a $75 discount for orders placed by your friends with our Refer a Friend program! But what's better is that you'll also score $75 cash for yourself for every order placed...

If you have friends that you'd like to refer please click here to create a partner account.

The process will only take a couple of minutes and will provide you with a personalised discount code to send to your friends. Whenever your friends place an order with your discount code, you'll both get your reward! 

You can also use your discount code on Facebook, Instagram or Email to share it with your group!

To get started create your partner account, but if you have any questions please contact us and we'll be happy to help.